Photo by Todd Hunter McGaw -

Photo by Todd Hunter McGaw -



My superpowers are photography, design & sleep. Oh MAN am I good at sleeping. Early nights, sleep ins, Nanna naps… Anytime, anyplace, I can sleep. When I am not sleeping I take photographs, draw, create & make pictures.
      Colour inspires me & have a peculiar tendency to paint objects around the house in whatever colour I happen to be taken with at the time. I continue this quest until I run out of that colour paint. I am not sure what drives this compulsion. Is it an attempt to reduce waste or some perverse desire to create a monochromatic universe? I don’t know. All I know is that I have painted doors, gates, washing lines, chairs, tables, light fittings, ladders & pots. You name it, & I have probably thought about painting it. My husband thinks if he stands still too long I might paint him.
      I am always moving furniture around. I get a bit tired of things looking the same, so I like to refresh by changing things round a bit. You know, keep everyone on their toes. My family think I am not so much keeping them on their toes, but making them constantly STUB their toes. I say they are all just clumsy.
      We all love animals & have a few furry & feathered family members. Maggie the Border Collie, Betty the Dutch Rabbit, Zoopie the Brahma hen, Beatrice & Rainbow Star the Isa Brown hens. Despite having a few pets already, I do get regular requests for even more pets. Stay tuned.
      I might be a tiny, little bit, addicted to skill testers. If there is a skill tester somewhere I am compelled to go & assess the situation. If I can win, then, GAME ON PEOPLE! My current record is winning 4 toys, 4 times in a row on the one skill tester. So, yeah, I am a little bit scary around skill testers. I may in fact be banned from them by my husband.
      Most of all I treasure family time at home & celebrations. Our home is full of music & dancing. Our family life is often chaotic. Living with such creative, passionate people is bound to be. It is a wonderful crazy mess most days, & most days I love it. Honestly though, some days I would love a bit more zen. I do long for more time to reflect. For some reason this quiet reflection time rarely comes at home, but when we are outside. We love bush walks & the beach. These are our happy places where we find our inner peace.

So now you know a BIT about me.

I would dearly love to hear all about yoU!

What is your story? How did you meet & fall in love? What makes you & your family happy? What memories or traditions do you treasure? I would love to help you capture these moments in photographs. To tell your story.